Vision 2030

There are 4 overarching themes that guide Vision 2030. These are:

Human Capital Development

Eritrea’s people come first and are the country’s most important and valuable asset.

Inclusive Economic Growth

is crucial when uplifting Eritrea out of poverty into a healthy sustainable economy that serves every Eritrean equally.

Constitutional Law and Respect for Human Rights

The dignity and wellbeing of Eritrea’s citizens will be safeguarded by constitutional law and an upmost respect to the human rights of each citizen.

Green Economy and Environmental Protection

Transforming Eritrea into a green economy is one of the best economic success strategies the country can adopt in order to tap into global trends and safeguard Eritrean livelihoods for generations to come.

Why Eritrea needs a Vision 2030

Vision 2030 is a macro-economic policy framework for Eritrea’s development during transition and beyond. Its goal is to present the key priorities for human resource development and inclusive economic growth in the years ahead. It shall provide strategic direction towards laying strong foundations for accelerated sustainable growth and shall further serve as a guiding tool for a prosperous future benefiting all Eritreans.

Many countries in Africa have prepared and officially launched a national vision document just before or after the start of the millennium. These national strategies have been developed by various stakeholders and thought leaders in consultative workshops and have been inaugurated by heads of state – looking and planning often twenty or thirty years into the future. Eritrea is following suite, preparing a national vision for socio-economic recovery and growth during transition and beyond.

Following decades of war, the wide-spread abuse of peaceful citizens, and dictatorial domination, Eritrea is far behind on all global development indicators and its entire socio-economic fabric has been shattered. It will take concerted efforts, smart strategies, strong governance, and a shared national Vision 2030 to start the process of recovery and rebuilding.

Eritrea’s Vision 2030 recognizes that economic growth, alone, is not sufficient to bring about the necessary rise in the standard of living of the nation at large. It is paramount that the path for development is participatory, sustainable, and corruption-free – safeguarded by Eritrea’s constitution, international law, and good governance.

Vision 2030 hence aspires to be a framework towards a strong and united nation. A nation that is proud of its fundamental cultural values, its human capital, and natural resources while it is determined to build a modern and politically stable state in which its citizens are treated with upmost respect.

Vision 2030 shall serve as a torch of hope for a just, inclusive, and prosperous path towards development that serves all Eritreans equally. It means, that the citizens of Eritrea must be the primary beneficiaries of the Vision and its proposed strategic action points.

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