Positioning Eritrea SMARTLY to accelerate inclusive growth.

Green Economy

  • To promote a vision that positions Eritrea in a powerful and exemplary way: as Africa’s leading green economy!
    To attract green foreign direct investments (GFDI) and build a highly sustainable and inclusive economy for generations to come

Historic eco-tourism

  • Promoting Eritrea’s rich heritage and unique beauty in the world; attracting ethical tourism for GDP growth
  • Restoring and safe-guarding Eritrea’s heritage & historic sites and building local jobs in the tourism industry nation-wide

Conference Hub

  • To position Eritrea as a safe and attractive conference hub in Africa, bringing in professional visitors from across the world
  • Creating thousands of jobs & opportunities for Eritreans as it relates to the conference industry and conference tourism

Green technology hub

  • Transforming Eritrea into a leading green technology hub in Africa using innovation, technology, and knowledge transfer
    Creating vast opportunity for Eritrea’s youth, experts, and investors to lead the process across industries mobilizing local production & exports

Heart of Africa Cycling

  • Transforming Eritrea into Africa’s leading cycling hub – both for professional cyclers and national recreation
  • Building an attractive cycling heaven that attracts tourism while increasing public health and quality of life for Eritreans.
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