Building Eritrea

Eritrea is rich. But it takes a grand national vision, strong leadership and a smart strategy to achieve inclusive growth

About EBIB

The Eritrea Business & Investment Board (EBIB) is an independent initiative by Eritrean professionals and business people to help prepare Eritrea for inclusive economic growth during and beyond democratic transition. Our mission is to foster domestic and foreign investment in Eritrea by:
  • Advocating for a conducive business climate
  • Congregating Eritrean expertise & skills
  • Building an economic think tank for Eritrea with focus on research & development policy governed by democratic constitution.

Serving the People of Eritrea

Total Investment in


Positioning Eritrea SMARTLY to accelerate inclusive growth.

Green Economy

  • To promote a vision that positions Eritrea in a powerful and exemplary way: as Africa’s leading green economy!
  • To attract green foreign direct investments (GFDI) and build a highly sustainable and inclusive economy for generations to come

Historic eco-tourism

  • Promoting Eritrea’s rich heritage and unique beauty in the world; attracting ethical tourism for GDP growth
  • Restoring and safe-guarding Eritrea’s heritage & historic sites and building local jobs in the tourism industry nation-wide

Conference Hub

  • To position Eritrea as a safe and attractive conference hub in Africa, bringing in professional visitors from across the world
  • Creating thousands of jobs & opportunities for Eritreans as it relates to the conference industry and conference tourism

Green technology hub

  • Transforming Eritrea into a leading green technology hub in Africa using innovation, technology, and knowledge transfer
  • Creating vast opportunity for Eritrea’s youth, experts, and investors to lead the process across industries mobilizing local production & exports

Heart of Africa Cycling

  • Transforming Eritrea into Africa’s leading cycling hub – both for professional cyclers and national recreation
  • Building an attractive cycling heaven that attracts tourism while increasing public health and quality of life for Eritreans

Eritrea is rich. But it takes a grand nation vision, strong leadership based on integrity, and
an inclusive approach to build a nation, in which its citizens truly prosper.

Note to the reader

Eritrea’s loss has been tragic, vast, and generational. It has spread into all corners of Eritrea’s society, and has put both our country’s social make-up and its economic performance to its knees. It will take decades to recover and build.

But there is hope: As a sovereign nation, we have huge potential at hand. ‘Building Eritrea’ can get started and accelerated through a unique economic vision for Eritrea and an undeterred focus to achieve it. In an effort to start preparing for this, Eritrean professionals and experts have come together to design a Vision draft for inclusive economic growth called “Eritrea Vision 2030”.

The Eritrean Business & Investment Board (EBIB) is an independent body of Eritrea professionals who shall start the preparation and policy work to mobilize and prepare for Eritrea’s inclusive economic Vision 2030 in adherence to constitutional law and the respect of our nation’s sovereignity.

Cross Cutting Issues

A national vision that has generational sustainability, social inclusiveness, and equality at its heart calls for an integrated outlook of the following key cross-cutting objectives:

  • Gender equality
  • Minority equality
  • Environmental protection & climate change mitigation
  • Public health & safety
  • Sustainability
  • Technology & innovation

EBIB hence promotes these cross-cutting values as an integrated building stone of Eritrea’s economy.

Expert Data Base

An effort has started to build an expert data base of Eritreans across various fields. Apply to be added to the data base here.

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